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  • NEW Super Mario Bros.
    NEW Super Mario Bros.
    1. JowaPlays

      More saucesome soundtrack!

  •  Super Mario 64 DS
    Super Mario 64 DS
    1. kojiros

      Pretty cool game but has that "early DS game" feel to it. Its cool that it has more characters to play with~ But the touch screen controls and mechanics aren't very good to work with. Even the D-Pad controls is a little derpy since its a 3D game with no analog control here. The biggest problem with the game is the control honestly but past that, its Mario 64 with a whole lot of extra awesome added to it.

    2. JayTheRocketMan

      This was, without a doubt, one of the hardest games I ever attempted to beat as a kid! Now that I'm a teenager, I'm attempting to decide whether or not I should return!

    3. Deleted Account

      I HAVE THE N64 ONE

  • Monster Rancher DS
    Monster Rancher DS
    Wired-Weird in NDS
  • Mario Kart DS (Nintendo DS)
    Mario Kart DS (Nintendo DS)
    1. DiabloPhoenix

      Good Game 7/10, Completed and Owned

  • WipeOut: The Game for Nintendo DS: Toys & Games
    WipeOut: The Game for Nintendo DS: Toys & Games
  • Mario Tennis Open (Nintendo 3DS)
    Mario Tennis Open (Nintendo 3DS)
  •  Kirby Super Star Ultra - DS
    Kirby Super Star Ultra - DS
    1. Hades

      One of the best kirby games.

    2. kojiros

      Can't agree more dood. This, to me, is the grand daddy of all Kirby Games and still my fave one to date. A remake of the glorious original on SNES, this DS version has the same games, and many more modes and more bosses to fight against. Metaknight has his own game mode where he goes through ALL the original game titles in a row: Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade, Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Metaknight, and Milky Way Wishes. He has his own abilities and can create a helper in Blade Knight or Sword Knight. There's a Revenge of The King mode which is akin to a super hard Spring Breeze mode with an even tougher Dedede. More mini games, the Arena comes back and besting that gives you The True Arena as well. This game is amazing. If you can pick it up and play with a friend via Download Play or Local, you'll both have an awesome handheld time together. Gets up to 4 players but that's only for the mini-games.

    3. endershane

      many games in one love it

  •  The World Ends With You
    The World Ends With You
    1. kojiros

      This is the game that was the catalyst to the end of my R4 dependancy on games for DS. I had this game R4'd for the longest time and I considered it the BEST RPG on DS I've ever played. One of the best RPGs I've ever played in general really. Then I R4'd tons of games and never had any real intention of buying my games. But one day I saw this in a gamestop for 20 bucks sitting ALONE on the DS rack. I had a thought "It would be cool to at least own the best RPG I ever played on the DS, sure yeah mine!" Brining it home, realized how much of a hypocrite I was being as a gamer. Now I own all the DS games that I really loved. Fitting that this game does this, giving the title and what it means even. Poetic. The game has an AMAZING story and the battle system is the most unique thing I've seen during its time. Neku is on the bottom screen and fights via touch screen, his partner is on the upper screen and controls with either Dpad or face button. The soundtrack is the best on the DS I've ever here for sure, I still have quite a lot of the songs on my ipod and still listen to them randomly.

    2. OmegaLeafeon

      I really need to get this game. It looks amazing and I listened to the soundtack. I'm going to put it on my flashcard.

    3. Emelie

      Unique artstyle and sountrack. I think a lot of people can relate to the introverted main character and his struggles.

  • Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (Nintendo DS)
    Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (Nintendo DS)
    1. kojiros

      My fave Castlevania game actually. I R4'd it to try it out and got my first feel of the metroidvania style of gameplay. Really enjoyed the game a lot now. Johnathan is a physical fighter who uses various weapons, Charlotte uses lots of magical attacks and spells that can be charged for even greater strength. Imagine Mario 64, only the castle is FUCKING HUGE with tons of enemies there as well, then painting that have even more worlds in them with even MORE enemies in them. That's essentially what this game is and its awesome~ I had it on my R4 for a long time but finally I saw it at a gamestop for about 12 bucks during Summer 2015. Really glad to have a complete copy of the game now~ I still play it when I'm feeling like some Castlevania.

    2. Deleted Account

      I used to own this back when it was only a year old, back when I had the horrible clamshell of a DS. It was also my first dive into the SOTN style of Castlevanias too. All I can say is I'm glad I started with a pretty good one, while it's not the best, it's still a really great game. The thing I remember most is... the first painting, that european city style was pretty refreshing.

  • Digimon World DS - Digimon Wiki: Go on an adventure to tame the frontier and save the fused world!
    Digimon World DS - Digimon Wiki: Go on an adventure to tame the frontier and save the fused world!