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  • Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Limited Edition
    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Limited Edition
  • Kingdom Hearts 1.5
    Kingdom Hearts 1.5
    1. kojiros

      Excellent compilation of Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix, which is the first western release of it, Re:Chain of Memories from PS2's remake of Chain of Memories on Game Boy Advance, and 358/2Days though only as HD remastered cinematics. Its worth getting for the Final Mix of KH1 alone as we never got any of the Final Mix versions till now. Chain of Memories was great on the GBA, but here on the PS2/PS3 its in 3D and that makes it easier and harder at the same time. But I haven't tried it yet extensively myself so I can't say personally. Already played and beaten 358/2Days on DS myself so watching the cutscenes was swell. Too bad we didn't get a full remastered game of it but that woulda taken far more time I suppose. Maybe sometime later I dunno. I wouldnt' mind playing that on PS3 personally. A great collection for those interested in Kingdom Hearts and don't want to buy 30 consoles to play the whole series. I mean hell this alone has what was originally a PS2 game, then a GBA game, and a DS game all rolled into one. That's pretty damn absurd.

    2. Tao

      This is a glorious release! I loved the original as a kid, so having this collection available with a bit of a facelift is a dream come true! The original game alone is worth buying this, which is probably a good thing with the other two offerings being a bit hit or miss. I hate Chain of Memories and this 'youtube version' of 358/2 days was a missed opportunity to remaster it entirely, but the first game is still so good years later that CoM + 358/2 Days 'the movie' feel like optional extras you won't miss if you don't enjoy them.

    3. SnowFreaKk

      Wow I am going to go purchase this, thanks for your feedback guys