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Level #2 8-Bit College Punisher
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  •  Kirby Super Star Ultra - DS
    Kirby Super Star Ultra - DS
    1. Hades

      One of the best kirby games.

    2. kojiros

      Can't agree more dood. This, to me, is the grand daddy of all Kirby Games and still my fave one to date. A remake of the glorious original on SNES, this DS version has the same games, and many more modes and more bosses to fight against. Metaknight has his own game mode where he goes through ALL the original game titles in a row: Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade, Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Metaknight, and Milky Way Wishes. He has his own abilities and can create a helper in Blade Knight or Sword Knight. There's a Revenge of The King mode which is akin to a super hard Spring Breeze mode with an even tougher Dedede. More mini games, the Arena comes back and besting that gives you The True Arena as well. This game is amazing. If you can pick it up and play with a friend via Download Play or Local, you'll both have an awesome handheld time together. Gets up to 4 players but that's only for the mini-games.

    3. endershane

      many games in one love it

  • Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
    Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
    1. kkplays

      I love the PMD series! Was worried after GTI, but then PSMD saved it!! Hope for more to come <3

    2. BensonFace

      @kkplays Is this your favourite in the series?

    3. Magmagan

      It gets tiring after a while, the art is a downgrade compared to the GBA originals and the story continues feeling like it was written by a three year old. Exception is, now you actually play as three year olds in school.

  • Kirby Mass Attack
    Kirby Mass Attack
    1. endershane4

      Kirby is a great character to try stuff with because he is such a simple and cute design in such a complex world, where it seeems as though anything could happen. I hope they make a sequel

  • Kirby: Planet Robobot with Kirby Series - Kirby amiibo
    Kirby: Planet Robobot with Kirby Series - Kirby amiibo
    Oreli in Amiibo
    1. Joecool2305


  •  Mega Man Zx
    Mega Man Zx
    1. kojiros

      Easily one of my fave MegaMan games on DS. Granted DS only has the ZX series and Star Force series, but this entry, easily one of my fave of the DS MegaMan games. Set many years after the end of the Zero series. Reploids and Humans have begun to coexist better than previously with the destruction of Dr. Weil. Advancements have been made to equalize Humans and Reploids, Humans all have cybernetic parts now and all Reploids have lifespans akin to Humans (also marked with a red triangle on their foreheads to distinguish between Human and Reploid). You play as Vent or Aile, and they work for Giro and his Transport Company. They were carrying a package but get attacked by Mavericks and Vent/Aile use the package, named Biometal X, to transform, essentially, into Mega Man X. You collect other Biometals, Z, H, L, F, and P to turn into Zero, Harpuia, Leviathan, Fafnir, and Phantom. Heros who helped save the world during the Zero Series. ZX is a fusion of the X and Z Biometals. This is very awesome to me since now you can essentially play as 6 characters at any given time, with different abilities and techniques. The game is also pretty metroidvania with many explorable areas you can walk or teleport to at any time. The main gripes i have with this game is the Mission based direction for the plot and the map. First the map is shown in hexagonal panels in one of your subscreens, and it doesn't do a good job of telling you where you are or how to get to where you're going or came from. Its essentially a step above the original Legend of Zelda map on NES. Its pretty poor. Then, although the game tries to be a Metroidvania, you CAN'T really go anywhere freely unless you take plot related missions from the base you eventually take orders from first. You could explore say Area F from head to toe and find nothing of interest there, but when you take a mission that involves Area F, suddenly theres plenty of things to do and a boss to fight. That is slightly annoying but for reasons related to the plot, you have to fight certain bosses before you can fight other bosses. So I can't really fault it for that persay. But this is a pretty awesome game otherwise. The stellar thing that sets this apart to me is that this game has extra content if you play it on a DSlite. Thanks to the GBA slot, you can slot in Mega Man Zero 3 and 4 near the end of the game in a certain area (game itself will inform you of this so its not out of the blue) to insert those games. You'll get to fight 4 mavericks from each of the games and get a special reward at the end~ Alternatively, if you don't have a DSlite or don't have those games, you can simply continue through the final optional dungeon and fight one of the HARDEST Mega Man bosses ever done and get said special reward that way. Story is pretty menancing, characters are awesome and Giro/Aile have SLIGHT differences to them and aren't exactly just a Male and Female option. Grab this one if you can. Its great~

  •  Mega Man Star Force 3 Black Ace
    Mega Man Star Force 3 Black Ace
    1. kojiros

      The finale of the Star Force series as we know it. I haven't beaten 2 yet but I'm highly interested in what happens in this final installment of the series. A friend of mine is gonna play Black Ace while I play Red Joker so it should be quite an awesome time to have another interested in the game as well. Afaik, the gameplay of this one is very different from the first 2. as there is now a Noise mechanic in the game. Since battles take place in the EM world and all ever since the first game (Electromagnetic) there is a corruption of noise in the fields. MegaMan can use that noise to his advantage and turn into Black Ace or Red Joker at the end of a chain of transformations. This game has a TON of inbetween transformed states that you can reach based on the Noise absorption. Each game has forms exclusive to it and some shared between them but in the end you turn into the namesake of the version you are playing. This seems the most fun but also I think the battle card system is simplified or made more complex here. We finally see the return of PAs, (program advance) from the battle network series so deck building can be specialized even more now.

  • Mega Man Star Force 2
    Mega Man Star Force 2
    1. kojiros

      After beating Starforce Dragon and Pegasus (didn't feel like playing Leo then so derp it) I started this one. A friend of mine has started the Zerker X Ninja one himself as a Ninja, I'm gonna play Zerker since lightning is my fave element. This game continues the trend that the first game started, with each version having their exlcusive transformation forms and a few battle chips. Though this is a real oddball. Zerker is a lightning form, Saurian is a fire form, and Ninja is a wood form...what happened to water? Even the first game had 3 forms so one lightning was left out of the loop, so water enemies were a bit stronger in a way. But here, now water has no form so fire enemies are a tad stronger against you in a way. I read that the Water form woulda been Pirate based. Zerker is for Berserker, only lightning, Saurian is Dinosaur....ian and fire based, Ninja are wood/wind based and Pirate huh. I guess we'd have just 2 games with either Zerker X Saurian and Ninja X Pirate or in some combination. 2 games with 2 forms each, one for each element. That woulda been AWESOME to do but instead we get Zerker X Saurian and Zerker X Ninja....seems pretty derp. But oh well, the game is pretty fun just like the first one.

  •  Megaman Starforce Dragon
    Megaman Starforce Dragon
    1. kojiros

      Starforce Dragon was a gamestop exclusively sold game apparently. I didn't get the games till a few years ago but Dragon was the HARDEST to find and most expensive. Leo and Pegasus were cheap and easy to get a hold of. Once I got them, I played Dragon first. This game takes place 200 years after Battle Network. To those that loved the Battle Network series, this is right up your alley. The battle mechanics are much simpler and easier than Battle Network, yes. But its still quite a fun game and the story and character growth in Geo is FAR FAR better than Lan's. This is the story of a kid who lost his father (to a space accident) and is rather depressed and heartbroken about it. After meeting Omega-Xis, he slowly learns to trust, care, and open up to others around him. You only have 3 spaces to move in but you can block all projectile attacks. Similarly as well, you can trade battle chips. But you can also battle your friends as well. Each version have some exclusive chips that you'd have to trade for if you want absolutely everything but there's way less to collect than in Battle Network so there's that. Awesome successor to the Battle Network games. Give it a shot if you feel.

  •  Mega Man ZX Advent
    Mega Man ZX Advent
  •  Mega Man Zero Collection
    Mega Man Zero Collection
    1. kojiros

      For the longest time, the X series was my fave MegaMan series, but after I tried the Zero series via emulation when in college, I was sold on this series entirely and it quickly became my fave series. When the Zero Collection came out. I was stoked! Already had the Classic Collection and X Collection for PS2 so this I had to get without question. A perfect recollection of MegaMan Zero 1 thu 4 with a few little extras thrown in. Namely artwork during the making of the game and slight aesthetic changes here or there. The biggest gameplay addition was the Hero Mode, that let you marathon Zero 1 thru 4 in this godmode like state where you have everything and the games are your bitch. Pretty much easy mode. Well don't get used to it because that's the only mercy Zero's series is willing to give you and the ORIGINALS on GBA didn't give you any. These games are HAAAAARD! I'd say from the easiest to the hardest: 4, 2, 3, 1. The series was supposed to end at 3. But fan response rather begged for more Zero games apparently so Zero 4 was created somehow and it was damn easy but the way it ends definitely shows there won't be anymore Zero games hahah. Excellent work Keiji Inafune XD. This is an excellent collection of games and if you want something that'll kick your teeth in, replace them with new teeth, just to kick them in again, then the Zero series is for you. Hands down, my fave of the many series under MegaMan's umbrella.

    2. OmegaLeafeon

      I haven't finished this game yet, but the story, art style and gameplay are definatly some of the best that I;ve seen out of a megaman game.