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GBA Wishlist/Old Favorites

  • Sonic Advance 2
    Gameboy Advanced
    Sonic Advance 2
    1. GadgetGamer

      This game is pretty fun it has its issues but it's fast paced and great for on the on action!

    2. GadgetGamer

      This game is pretty fun it has its issues but it's fast paced and great for on the go action!

    3. kojiros

      Another great Sonic game on GBA. My fave of the trilogy. Join Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Cream on their new adventure to stop Eggman. Amy is an unlockable for SOME REASON ._. In order to play as any of the characters though, you have to play Sonic first and rescue them. Amy is playable when you beat the game with the main four? Or get all the Chaos Emeralds? Some sorta completion. Cream is pretty much Tails but has a ranged attack with her Chao named Cheese. Cream and Cheese BREAK this game wide open. She can command Cheese to attack any enemy, including the BOSSES. This game is Cream/Cheese first appearance and hot damn they came in swinging. The bosses are all built on your chasin Eggman in order to hit him. Getting the special stages is an even BIGGER pain in the ass now though as you have to find 7 secret rings...... in any given level and beat the stage in 1 life. This is STUPID hard as it requires you to, eventually get a perfect route laid out for each level and without dying. I THINK you have to get all 7 chaos emeralds 4 times for each other character? Either way doing the special stages is a major pain in the ass. But the game overall is pretty awesome. I can easily imagine that one would eventually memorize the level design, I know I have for Sonic 1 2 and 3 and Knuckles at this point But still that's still pretty rough for getting the special stages.

  • Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
    Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
    1. The Gamer's Brew

      In my personal opinion this is the best game in the Wario Land series. With the helmet/ hat style power ups and the hidden puzzles/ treasures makes this game stand out compared to the others.

    2. endershane4

      this was a great introduction to our greedy classic mario look-alike, wario.

  • Sonic Advance
    Gameboy Advanced
    Sonic Advance
    1. kojiros

      Sometime during 2013 I was hunting for GBA games to get and Sonic Advance...wasn't on the list originally. But I saw all 3 games on ebay for DIRT cheap and in complete condition so I went for them immediately and won them all with no resistance. I got this game for 5 bucks complete. Easily one of the best handheld Sonic games. 4 playable characters with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy. Amy's first 2D game I believe, she's pretty fun here and plays similarly if not the same as her Sonic Adventure, only in 2D. Hammer to catapult herself and bash enemies. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles do what they are known for but they all have an attack button as well when standing still. The stages are awesome with good music and great Eggman bosses. Sadly, the special stages are a problem because of the perspective. Imagine Sonic 2's special stages but you can move ANYWHERE on the screen. Doesn't sound that bad until you actually play it. For better or worse, you don't need rings to get to a special stage, but you have to find a special spring in certain levels and jump on it to go to the special stages. They are sorta hidden so you gotta put your Sonic CD skills to the test to find them. Luckily you only need to get the emeralds once with any character and you can get to the final level. There's also a Chao Garden if you want to transfer your SA2 Chao's from the gamecube game to this for mini games and stuff. Overall, and awesome Sonic handhel game and the simplest of the Advance trilogy.

    2. civi

      have this too

    3. Extreme_Red

      Great Game. Loved the Chao Garden. Wished the other Advance games added more to the Chao Garden rather than not doing it.

  • Donkey Kong Land
    Donkey Kong Land
    1. The Gamer's Brew

      This game play so close to the SNES games that it felt like it should. Each level has it's ups and downs but if you like the Donkey Kong Country games then I highly recommend this game.

  • Super Mario Advance
    Gameboy Advanced
    Super Mario Advance
    1. kojiros

      Mario 2 USA on GBA? Sure I'm game. I got this on Ebay for like...12 bucks complete I think earlier this year in 2015. The graphical update is nice and it essentially plays the same way. Still know all the warpzones and whatnot so I breezed it in like 18 minutes or so when I got it haha. Picking up veggies or even enemies and throwing them at other enemies was humorous when I was a kid. Now it seems like...in a way, one of the most brutal Mario games if you think about it haha. While I can't see Veggies defeating enemies, but picking up someone just to body throw them into other enemies...that's some hardcore shit. Even moreso when you realize Peach is doing it too XD. Great little game.

  •  Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga
    Gameboy Advanced
    Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga
    1. hardboiled greninja xtreme


  •  Metroid Fusion
    Gameboy Advanced
    Metroid Fusion
  • Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones - The Fire Emblem Wiki - Shadow Dragon, Radiant Dawn, Path of Radiance, and more
    Gameboy Advanced
    Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones - The Fire Emblem Wiki - Shadow Dragon, Radiant Dawn, Path of Radiance, and more
    1. DiabloPhoenix

      Good Game 7.7/10, Completed and Owned

  • Advance Wars
    Gameboy Advanced
    Advance Wars
  • Metroid Zero Mission
    Gameboy Advanced
    Metroid Zero Mission