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Welcome to the collection of


Games I sold

  • Nitro+ Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel
    Nitro+ Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel
    1. kojiros

      Great fighting game, just a little stiff in it. Better than Aquapazza though but still same problems as Aquapazza too. Wish the support characters where playable like how the MvC games handle their characters as fighters AND support attacks. Also wtf is up with fighting game final bosses being impossible to kill? Geez.

  •  Kingdom Hearts II PS2
    Kingdom Hearts II PS2
    1. kojiros

      One of the best PS2 games in the collection of games. While I agree the story is told in a very complexly convuluted way but the gameplay doesn't lie. Its straightforward hack n'slash action. I don't mind the Disney worlds but a lot of people I hear prefer it without the Disney characters but eh. At least we have the KH 1.5 and 2.5 games to get pretty much the full story on just 2 ps3 games. Sora is such a goodie-too-shoes but ah well. His opptimism is pretty good swell for a guy who lost like everything at one point. Need to get 2.5 Remix though.

    2. kojiros

      Sold the game on 3/23/2017. Since I have the KH 2.5 version, I decided to sell this off and use the money to buy something else. Woot. Great memories were had with this but I think its time it got a new home elsewhere

  • Kingdom Hearts 1.5
    Kingdom Hearts 1.5
    1. kojiros

      Excellent compilation of Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix, which is the first western release of it, Re:Chain of Memories from PS2's remake of Chain of Memories on Game Boy Advance, and 358/2Days though only as HD remastered cinematics. Its worth getting for the Final Mix of KH1 alone as we never got any of the Final Mix versions till now. Chain of Memories was great on the GBA, but here on the PS2/PS3 its in 3D and that makes it easier and harder at the same time. But I haven't tried it yet extensively myself so I can't say personally. Already played and beaten 358/2Days on DS myself so watching the cutscenes was swell. Too bad we didn't get a full remastered game of it but that woulda taken far more time I suppose. Maybe sometime later I dunno. I wouldnt' mind playing that on PS3 personally. A great collection for those interested in Kingdom Hearts and don't want to buy 30 consoles to play the whole series. I mean hell this alone has what was originally a PS2 game, then a GBA game, and a DS game all rolled into one. That's pretty damn absurd.

    2. Tao

      This is a glorious release! I loved the original as a kid, so having this collection available with a bit of a facelift is a dream come true! The original game alone is worth buying this, which is probably a good thing with the other two offerings being a bit hit or miss. I hate Chain of Memories and this 'youtube version' of 358/2 days was a missed opportunity to remaster it entirely, but the first game is still so good years later that CoM + 358/2 Days 'the movie' feel like optional extras you won't miss if you don't enjoy them.

    3. SnowFreaKk

      Wow I am going to go purchase this, thanks for your feedback guys

  • Lunar: Silver Star Harmony
    Lunar: Silver Star Harmony
    1. kojiros

      Lunar is a good game. Had the PS1 remake in my library and its classic enough to get a remake on PSP. A lot of classic PS1 games have pretty awesome remakes on the PSP. Lunar is definitely worthy of a nice remake. Story has more content to it, graphical update. Its nice

  • Aquapazza: Aquaplus Dream Match (PS3)
    Aquapazza: Aquaplus Dream Match (PS3)
    1. kojiros

      I had the game for a while but I though tthe fighting was too stiff o_-. I dunno, I guess its not for me. Story was nonsensival too which didn't help. orz.

  • Sushi Go-Round
    Sushi Go-Round
    1. kojiros

      Cute little game that really requires some memorization to play. You play a sushi chef, and have to quickly make people's orders when they are placed. All sushi ingredients are before you on the bottom screen and a handbook on the side. The handbook tells you how to make which sushi. Rice, Fish, Egg, Tempura, Wrapping etc etc etc. COMMIT IT TO MEMORY cause you'll be making those sushi plates a lot and there's A LOT OF SUSHI TYPES. Unlike Fast Food Panic which highlights what you have to do in each step of the dishes you make, here you HAVE to memorize the sushi components. Time is ticking even when you are checking the handbook for what ingredients make what sushi. To top it all off, you can run out of ingredients! If you run out you have to buy more stock by using the money from the customers you serve to buy more inventory. Its time management along with a play fast and accurate enviroment. Its hard-fun but damn it can be hard too. Easy game to find, cheaper than Mc'D value menu even. Shoulda kept it but eh, I hope someone else will give it a nice home instead of me.

  •  Odin Sphere - PlayStation 2
    Odin Sphere - PlayStation 2
    1. kojiros

      One of the best PS2 games I've ever played. Absolutely amazing story and great characters. Battle system is action based and real time. The biggest problem I'd say with the game is the loading times. They are pretty long at times and I hope that with its Vita re-release coming soon, it'll be fixed and okay in that. But the gameplay for this is fantastic and playing the story out was an absolute blast for me. One of the best PS2 RPGs without a doubt for me.

    2. kojiros

      Sold the game on 3/23/2017. Since I have the Vita version and want to get the PS4 version later. Vita and PS4 versions have both classic mode (from the original PS2) and refined mode where it plays with its updated features for them. So no need to really keep the PS2 version, I wouldn't mind it but eh, sell it off to get some new games.

  • Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)
    Xbox 360
    Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)
    1. kojiros

      My first ever played XBOX game. DAMN was that a dousy! @_@ I was in college and watched my friend play this a couple of times. We were all gamers, my 4 roommates and I and he didn't mind if I started my own file to play it. It looked like fun, reminded me heavily of Musashi: Samurai Legend during the time only this was hella harder. First time holding an XBOX controller, hard to get used to, game is one of the hardest games I've ever played. Even WORSE! The game was my roommate's but he never got far in it, much less beat it. But after some adjusting, I not only got farther than he did, but also eventually beat the game. Many times when I was playing it, and it took quite a while to beat, my roommates would be watching me play it haha. I was stuck on the Alma fight for SOOOOOO damn long, then Doku kicked my ass, then the Ice/Magma caverns were damn confusing to me, I was REALLY hating spirit fish, my roommates were backseat gaming on me. Good times. Lots of silly but awesome memories of this game so eventually I bought it myself sometime after college. Though I never had an XBOX, I wanted to keep the game nonetheless. (Though by then Sigma was out, the PS3 versions, bought them to play but wanted the original as a keepsake of sorts)

    2. kojiros

      Well I finally sold this game to my local Play N'Trade on 12/13/2015. Here's to a little farewell and hoping it finds a good home in someone's collection. I've no XBOX still but ah well. I have all the PS3 and Vita Ninja Gaidens so I'll always remember those college days with this game.

  • Muramasa: The Demon Blade
    Muramasa: The Demon Blade
    nrdynacho_75 in Wii
    1. kojiros

      I bought this though I didn't have a Wii. My sister has a Wii and after playing Odin Sphere on PS2, I was IN LOVE with Vanillaware instantly. Playing it on the Wii was hard but after some practice I was okay with it. But eventually it was ported to the Vita with some extra content, making thaat the definitive port of the game. I still have this but still no Wii myself.

    2. kojiros

      Well I finally sold this game to my local Play N'Trade on 12/13/2015. Here's to a little farewell and hoping it finds a good home in someone's collection. I've no Wii so...

    3. Kaez

      I've gotten this game around October and the first thing you'll notice about the game is the amazing art work, it's amazing how they utilized the Wii's hardware and made such a beautiful looking game. As for the gameplay, I'm about 6 to 8 hours in and the gameplay is quite good, can't say too much since I haven't beaten it yet but it's quite an experience especially with how big it is, combat system is also so that's also fantastic. For where I'm at in the game, I'd give it 8/10, I'd recommend it to anyone who can get their hands on it.

  • Madden 2004
    Madden 2004
    1. kojiros

      Why is there an EA game in my library? Why is a Madden game present in the same room as me? What planet am I on? ...Joking aside, I never cared for sports games like I said with my Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 comment. But I was willing to give that an honest try since I was in college. This was in my libarary since high school and I didn't know it. My parents had bought this for them to play. Spoiler alert-they never touched the PS2 much less looked at it. So it sat in the drawer near the living room TV for ages while I had my own TV in my room with all my gaming consoles. Never knew this existed until we were moving. Apparently the game is AMAZING for the new features it adds but I'm not interested in it. Gonna get rid of this before long...

    2. Tom Curry

      Madden2004 is afantastic game i am looking fortward

    3. Tom Curry

      To playing it exctted