Last Month In Games – November 2015

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November was a huge month for new releases; there were many long-awaited arrivals for you to sink your teeth into, which will easily take you through the long-cold winter months.

Just incase you’ve missed it or have been in hiding the past month, we’ve rounded up the best new releases for you all, hold tight!

 Call of Duty: Black ops III

 Black Ops 3

The new edition in the CoD series has combined the three most popular modes on previous games – campaign, multiplayer and zombies. The campaign was designed to play in co-op mode, allowing four people to play at the same time and work their way through the storyline – never fear though, there is the option to play solo! The multiplayer aspect, of course, has new maps and weapons but also there are new ways to rank up and customize. Finally Zombies has it’s own dedicated narrative, which has never been done before on a Call of Duty game.


Fallout 4


It’s been five years since the last Fallout was released (Fallout: New Vegas, just incase any of you were wondering). This long-awaited title wracked up a whopping 500 human years worth of gameplay in just the first twenty-four hours, I think people were just a little bit excited about it’s release. You play as the only survivor of Vault 111 and enter the world that has been destroyed by nuclear war. Some of the coolest things about Fallout 4 are the customization of characters and also there’s no level-cap. You can just keep going and going. It also allows you to help and re-build settlements, everything from providing them food and water, to cleaning up the settlement and even building them brand new houses. Welcome home.


Rise of the Tomb Raider


It’s quite amazing just how much Lara Croft has changed over the years and while she’s still the recognizable character we’ve all grown to know and love, she’s finally got realistic facial features to bring her into 2015. Rise of the Tomb Raider is the sequel to the 2013 reboot of Tomb Raider. Set just one year after, in this installment we see Lara Croft facing her destiny to become a tomb raider, meeting and trusting new friends and pushing her human limits to survive. At the moment, the release is an Xbox exclusive and was released on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 earlier this month but is due to be released on PS4 and PC in late 2016.


Star Wars Battlefront


If there’s one thing we’ve been excited about all year, it’s the imminent release of the brand new Star Wars film. While we wait and count down the days until we can all go to the cinema dressed as our favourite characters, we’ve been provided with a brand new Star Wars game. Star Wars Battlefront allows players to play as their favourite characters and use vehicles and visit planets from the original trilogies but on the next gen consoles – awesome! It also has multiplayer modes for up to forty people to fight for the Empire or the Rebellion, you can also face challenges inspired by the films either solo, split-screen or online co-op. The game even uses original sounds from the films to give players an authentic experience while playing with crisp visuals.


Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash


It’s no secret that the tennis game on Wii Sports was easily the best mini-game – it led to hours of fun with friends and family and now you have the ability to play that same game but you can play as your favourite Mario characters. Released exclusively on the Wii U, this game allows up to four players to go against each other in an exciting battle right in the heart of Mushroom Kingdom. The brand new feature in this game is the ability to go aggressively after high balls and to pick up a Mega Mushroom, which allows your character to grow your characters in mega battles!




This antihero action beat-em-up is based on the Deadpool comics and was actually released on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in 2013 but was de-listed on January 1st 2014, much like most other games that were published by Activision and used the Marvel license. It was re-released this November and allows you to play as Deadpool and features other popular characters such as Wolverine, Rogue, Psylocke and Domino of the X-men. Although the gameplay of this game is fairly standard, it still provides the superhero entertainment that everyone enjoys from time to time.


Game of Thrones – Season 1: A telltale series


From the creators of The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us and Tales from the Borderlands comes a new telltale series of the groundbreaking TV show Game of Thrones. It features a new storyline of House Forrester who are loyal to House Stark in Winterfell. The game allows you to interact with original characters, voiced by the actors from the TV show. You can also visit popular locations within the show such as Kings Landing, The Wall and even Meereen. The game itself allows you to download episodes 2-6 as they become available to download. However, you must have an internet connection to be able to play this game so bear that in mind before buying!


Football Manager 2016


Football Manager is the most realistic simulation football game going. You have complete control over your squad, who plays and who’s on the bench, you have to deal with the press and solving any player problems. You can choose your players from teams in more than fifty countries all over the world. You’re also in complete control of substitutions, tactics, team-talks and pitch-side instructions while the match is played live using a 3D match engine. A new game mode in 2016 is the ability to create your own team, allowing you to add yourself and a friend, choose everything to do with the team – even your own colours! You can also create your own customizable character to shout at players from the touchline – another new feature in the Football Manager 2016.



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