The Most Insanely Violent Video Games of All Time! Part II

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A few weeks ago, we brought you the most insanely violent video games of all time and by now we think you’ve probably recovered from all the blood, gore and carnage and so we’re hitting you with another dose of pure violent mayhem.

In the first list we looked at the likes of the chainsaw frenzy that was Gears of War 2, the senseless rampaging of Manhunt and of course we covered the horrifically violent Postal 2.

Violent video games have been a big part of gaming history and although at times they can give the industry a bad reputation, like any form of entertainment there are going to parts that some people don’t like. Whats important to remember is that each of these games play an important role in the history of gaming and are at the end of the day, just games.

So we’ve given you enough time to prepare yourselves now, so without further ado here are more of the most insanely violent video games, expect blood, blood and more blood!

Mortal Kombat – 2011

Given that some people were shocked by some of the violence that appeared in the first Mortal Kombat games back in the 90′s, its not surprising that the HD remake in 2011 caused quite a bit of controversy  because of its gory nature. The famous ‘Fatalities’ were even more brutal than you could imagine with flesh flying across the screen, broken spines strewn about the place and grizzly insides covering the floors of the arena, even the most die hard fan would have been shocked.

God of War III – 2010


Oh Kratos, you didn’t just want to kill your enemies, you wanted to destroy them in the most brutal way possible. The fantasy violence was made savagly real with seemingly never ending stream of blood and gore. New to GoW III was the first person death scenes which saw you see the games protagonist turn Gods into enormous piles of bloody flesh. The games gore peaked at the separating of Helios head from his shoulders.

Chiller – 1986


Back in early days of gaming when you had to go to an arcade to play your favouite games, violent video games were pretty rare which made a truly violent game look even more shocking! The aim of Chiller was to graphically mutilate as many digital prisoners as possible. Players move from room to room, shooting the flesh off of defenseless prisoners. There is 8 bit blood and body parts all over the place. This game had no redeeming features but paved the way for future violent games.

Thrill Kill – 1998

This supposed to be the successor to Mortal Kombat and take the violent fighting game crown but developers EA shelved the games just weeks before release after it was deemed too violent and sexually explicit. The game features 10 damned souls who have died and are pitted against each other to win the prize of being reincarnated. The game was rightfully condemed as explicit for many reasons, including the creepy BDSM vibe and horrendous finishing moves like ‘Botched Facelift’, ‘Cannibal’ and ‘Human Jigsaw Puzzle’.

Dead Space – 2008


Putting all your deepest, darkest fears about space and aliens into one place was a great way for Dead Space to scare the life out of us but it was the sheer amount of alien blood and bones that really made this game keep us up at night.  In order to successfully kill creatures, you must dismember them and obviously taking arms and legs off a monster is going to result in gallons of blood! The sound in the game adds to the gore factor as you hear your character squish on top of the piles of alien lifeforms.

NeverDead – 2012


A game that’s all but been forgotten by the masses, but any that do remember NeverDead remember it for its comical levels of violence. The special thing about Konami’s game was that while you fight your enemies, you can get blown apart. Legs, arms the lot. Except instead of re-spawning you carry on controlling the character, even if that’s just a dismembered head. This obviously leads to ridiculous levels of splattering blood and gore.

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