The scariest video games of all time!

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Many people think that horror films are so scary because you can’t control whats happening. You are just forced to sit and watch the horror unfold in front of your eyes, trying to help but utterly useless. So why are video games, a format where you are in control still so horrifying?

It’s because video games create such an amazing and immersive environment, that you feel like you are there. You are the one all alone, being stalked and unlike real life, you can’t just run away and hide. You are forced to investigate, to search for clues in the dark as you try to survive armed with nothing but a flashlight with fading batteries.

So if weirdly this is the sort of situation you would love to be in, if you feel that you could get past the fear and take control of the situation, fight the demons and save the day, then you have to play these games but be warned it won’t be an easy ride. Here are the scariest video games of all time!


siren22Not surprisingly, we go to Japan for our first dose of horror. In Siren, you play as a teenage boy who comes across a sacrificial ceremony and where you manage to save a teenage girl. Though, the girl you saved isn’t just an ordinary girl. This games scare factor comes from the fact that perspective gets switched from you the main character to the view of the Shibito, a zombie like creature which is stalking you, waiting to kill. When a Shibito is about to strike, you have to sneak quietly in the dark in order to avoid its attention.


Dead-Space-2-Pack1Someone once said that in space, no one can hear you scream but if they could they would be deafened by the cries of the main character Isaac Clarke. He survived the first games events and now everyone around you has become the hellish Necromorphs and you must once again fight for your life to escape. Oh, and you are constantly taunted by your dead girlfriend! You have more than flashlight here but it takes more than shear firepower to beat these monsters. Aim is very difficult when you are shaking with fear! The terrifying sound and lack of light creates an atmosphere you won’t to be in for long.


Amnesia-The-Dark-Descent-gorpaki 1One thing that won’t help amnesia is waking up in a Prussian castle in 1839. That is exactly what happens to Daniel, who is responsible for releasing an ancient evil. Daniel knows he must kill his enemy and stop the Shadow from causing more harm to the world. With its first-person perspective, this game is full of visual scares including hallucinations. You have to try and maintain your sanity as the monsters in the game relentlessly chase you until you can manage to hide from him. Which is much easier said than done.


kE7GdHwJapanese horror game? CHECK. Creep looking twins? CHECK. Eerie forest? CHECK! Fatal Frame 2 has all the ingredients you need for a scary game with gameplay to back it up. You play as one of the twins, who is forced to complete a horrific and ancient ritual which will involve you doing terrible things. During the game you are chased by ghosts that haunt you and relive their gruesome fates, and to defend yourself? You have a camera. The aim is to get up close to these spirits in order to capture their souls. The fact that the ghosts change speeds all the time mean that you are constantly on edge.


Pyramid_head_senses_jamesThe most iconic horror series in history, Silent Hill and it’s subtle scares haunt you throughout the series and no more so then in the second installment. If you don’t know the story already, you play as James Sunderland, who receives a letter from his wife, telling him to meet her at a town called Silent Hill. The one issue is that she has been dead for 3 years! In the game you will face an onslaught of attacks from scarier and scarier enemies, but its your battles with Pyramid Head that will keep you awake at night. He cannot be killed, so you simple have to survive his attacks. By the end of the game you will be exhausted from running as you try to escape. Not only are their lots of jumpy moments, mixed perfectly with slow building horror but the ending of the game will stay with you throughout your gaming life.

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