New Research Claims Gaming Is A Better Way Of Meeting People Than Online Dating Apps.

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If you’re looking to find love, you should step away from online dating apps and pick up a games console, as apparently it’s a better way to find love.

Commissioned ahead of the launch of gigantic fantasy game Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited on PS4 and Xbox One, of those that took part in the survey 45% of people said that online gaming is a good way to meet people. 39% though, preferred online dating using apps like Tinder.

Modern games let players chat to each other whilst playing, using headsets for example. They are able to build relationships over a prolonged period of time.

If you feel like finding love through gaming a go, it seems fantasy is the best avenue to go down. A third of people agree that it’s the best genre to spark a romantic interest.

Murial Mulder, 24 from Holland fell in love with her boyfriend James Brooks, 22 from Dorset, England whilst playing Elder Scrolls.


“I was surprised I fell in love with someone I’d never met, but now I’ve done it I wouldn’t have it any other way” Murial said.

The romance began after they were both fighting a boss in the town of Mathiisen in Auridon and started talking about the best way to defeat it. From there, their love grew.

Just think, next time you’re online playing a game and conversing with others, you could potentially be talking to your future partner!

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