Video Game Graphics: Then v Now

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Yes we know we have come on leaps and bounds when it comes to video games graphics. Video games now feature movie quality visuals, that totally bring us into the games we are playing, but can you believe how we used to live? Here are 6 shocking examples of video game graphics form then to now.

#1 Wolfenstein

The 1992 Wolfenstein looks like he’s had his face hidden for reavling government secrets to a film crew. The 2014 version would totally crush that pixel head.


#2 Need For Speed

When you’re going fast enough, everything is a blur anyway but the boxey cars in the early days of NFS are truly awful. No wonder they’re going so fast, no one wants to stop and look at that scenery.


#3 The Sims

Could it be any grainier? Yes The Sims allowed us to control our own little creations but when you couldn’t see half the things they did, what’s the point? We know which party we’d rather go to.


#4 Super Mario

Mario is joined by so many new friends in new games, and we get to look at them in beautiful HD. Yes the original was a classic, but is that actually a toadstool? Who can tell?


#5 Star Wars

Remember when you only had a view from above your character? Now you can battle the Sith lords from all angles. The baddies now move less like robots and more like Diversity.


#6 Call of Duty

Want to see blood spurting, limbs flying off and general fear in the faces of your enemies? Well now you can. In the old days all you might see is an ever increasing pool of red pixels.


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