E3: The Most Embarrassing Moments Ever

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With 2015’s E3 conference providing us with lots to get excited about, we look back at some of the most embarrassing moments from previous E3 showcases. There’s definitely quite a few to choose from, but here are some of the best.

2011 Mr Caffeine ruins Ubisoft press conference – “Doodly doodly doo” the whole presentation was just awkward from start to finish.

2010 – Ubisoft, Battle tag – Neither the presenter or audience knew what was going on. To add to this, even the teleprompter had no idea what was going on either!


“Are you seeing this too or am I having a stroke right now?”

2013 Peggle 2 announcement – Clearly no one in the crowd was as excited as the presenter. I’m not sure they heard him, and they definitely must have missed that impressive jump.

2007 High School Musical Audience Participation fail – You get the impression that most of this audience was killing time or waiting for another announcement. Credit to the dancers, they tried their best, but it just ended up in an all round embarrassing moment.

2008 Wii Music – This guy definitely got into the Wii music drumming, one of our favourite embarrassing moments.

2011 Xbox 360 – Controller disconnects within the first minute of the conference. Xbox 360 had an absolute nightmare here, who forgot to change the batteries!

2013 Xbox One – Battlefield 4 – The game preview is at first met with booing before it then fails to play, leaving a very awkward moment on stage.

Can you think of any other embarrassing moments or fails? Leave us a comment and let us know your favourite!

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