The 15 Weirdest and Geekiest Tattoos Ever Imagined

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1. Super Mario

Does it get any better than retro Super Mario?  This design is a major tribute to the original, but choosing to have it on the neck, looks a bit weird and sounds utterly horrifying…


2. When a Transformer has your back

A tattoo of a mechanical superhero is pretty cool, but is also a huge space commitment. Where else would be a good place to show off Optimus Prime in all his glory.


3. The Amazing Geek Tattoo

This Spiderman tattoo is incredible, the detail is unbelievable.


4. Star Trek

We love this geeky back piece for the unique amount of realism.


5. The Rise of Gaming

Okay, so it’s cool to see a comparison of the original Nintendo controller versus and Xbox controller, but that will get very old pretty quickly. I wonder if he’ll commit to the next few generations of games consoles and add to his tattoo collection.


6. A Wireless Connection

Knuckle tattoos are normally associated with gangs and inmates, maybe he’ll be able to intimidate his neighbors for their Wi-Fi passwords.


7. Going For The High Score!

Thanks to this ingenious idea, this nerd will never lose a game of Tetris!


8. Finish Him!

The Mortal Kombat lettering for “Finish Him” is pretty accurate! You must have to be a real enthusiast though to get a tattoo that size!


9. A Mathematic Piece

We’re not too sure what this piece means, but it looks cool and involves the Ghost from Pac-Man and a Rubik’s cube so we love it!


10. Sonic Boom

This detailed Sonic sleeve is awesome!


11. PlayStation Fan

The buttons off a PlayStation controller actually comes out as a pretty cool looking tattoo… I wonder how many times he’s been asked what it means.


12. Game Over

Knuckle tattoos normally belong to gang members or inmates, judging by this girl’s knuckle tattoos, we wouldn’t want to mess with her when it comes to gaming.


13. Knock Out Blow

Dhalism from Street Fighter tattoo is incredible. It gives the illusion that he’s about to deliver a serious knock out! Not sure the tattoo would help him in a real fight though.


14. Venomous

This Venom from Spider – Man is seriously detailed!


15 The Evolution of Gaming

We love this evolution of gaming tattoo, I wonder if he’ll be getting more and more games even further up his arm??


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