Gameplay Revealed For Fallout 4 At E3 2015

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E3 press conferences typically are about lots of different games, trailers and only a slight tease of game-play. Bethesda had different ideas this year with its debut 2015 presentation, as they revealed over half an hours’ worth of gameplay on Fallout 4 and these awesome screen shots.

Bethesda handed out a limited edition set of figures to those lucky enough to attend. Some have since been found on Ebay for over $300.

We’ve seen the wastelands of Washington and the New Vegas in previous instalments and now these new screenshots show in great details what life was like before the Fallout, and also what to expect post-apocalyptic Boston to look like too. 

Needless to say, Fallout 4 looks pretty incredible. Here’s some of the standout screenshots from the conference.

Fallout4_Concept_Blast_1434323459_cropped-650-80 Fallout4_Concept_Raiders_1434323468_cropped-650-80 Fallout4_Concept_Salesman_1434323485_cropped-650-80 Fallout4_E3_Behemoth_1434323954-650-80 Fallout4_E3_CityVista_1434323956-650-80 Fallout4_E3_Codsworth1_1434323959-650-80 Fallout4_E3_FaceCreation1_1434323965-650-80 Fallout4_E3_GarageRun_1434323977-650-80 Fallout4_E3_Jetpack_1434323980-650-80 Fallout4_E3_ReadytoGo_1434323999-650-80 Fallout4_E3_Wasteland_1434324022-650-80Fallout4_E3_LaserMod_1434323981-650-80

Fallout 4 is set to be released in November

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