Looking Forward To E3 2015

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The biggest event in the gaming world is nearly here. E3 2015, in Los Angeles is where the newest and most exciting gaming content gets announced. The biggest names from around the world gather to show the entire gaming community what they have planned. The stand-off between Xbox and PlayStation is normally the highlight, with both of their developers keen to impress with their console exclusive titles and technology. Expect to see big news from Nintendo as well as exciting new titles set to be announced at E3. These are the 5 titles we are buzzing to get a glimpse of…

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

‘The soldier becomes the weapon.’ The third installment of the Black Ops series sees technology advance beyond your wildest imagination. The game will feature four-player co-op throughout its campaign and players will take control of soldiers with cybernetic limbs. And yes, Zombies are back.


Guitar Hero Live

Get the band back together, the game that created so many living room rock stars is back. 5 years after its last instalment, Activision has completely redeveloped the gameplay and experience of Guitar Hero. With a new controller and in-game presentation they are hoping to recapture the massive popularity the game had during the late 2000’s. Some of the bands whose songs are confirmed so far include The Black Keys, Ed Sheeren, Rage Against the Machine, Carrie Underwood and The Police. So it seems there will something for everyone in this reboot.

guitar hero

Star Wars Battlefront

So Star Wars is big right now, we’ve got a brand new movie coming soon which will kick-start the franchise and a new game hoping to do the same. Battlefront players will fully immerse themselves into the Star Wars universe. New details are being released and so far we have the name of the first piece of DLC ‘Battle of Jakku’ and also news on the types of vehicles playable in the game, including the Millennium Falcon. The details of the game have been divisive amongst fans, so we are excited to see what EA has up their sleeves.


Legend of Zelda

Nintendo’s eighteenth instalment of the iconic series is well overdue. The game’s March 2015 release date was scrapped in order to make the most complete and ultimate Zelda game according to series producer Eiji Aonuma. Nintendo have promised a HD open world game which will give gamers the freedom to make their own way through the game. Although we almost certainly won’t get a look at the game, we have our fingers crossed that Nintendo have some news for us.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

The latest news to come of the Uncharted 4 camp is the breath taking face animations that will appear in the final instalment of the franchise. Taking the level up from their previous outing The Last of Us, which wowed us with its detailed facial expressions, developers Naughty Dog have claimed that the characters faces in Uncharted 4 will have anywhere between 300 and 500 bones. This will mean we will be right there alongside Nathan Drake as he finishes his story.



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