These GTA Best Friends Will Warm Your Heart!

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 Set amongst the background of cars, guns, and all out carnage and mayhem, heart-warming tales are few and far between! But this story of two gamers who became best friends through GTA online is a true testament of the ability games and gaming communities have to bring people together.


 The two gamers, ‘nikkievercetti’ and ‘@KingDuncan’ met whilst playing as part the crew on GTA. Whilst planning heists and stealing cars the two became close friends, as ‘nikkievercetti’ explains: “Over the last year he has become my very best friend in the world. It’s no secret that we’re often partners in crime in the game but we also became super close in real life.” 

The pairs relationship grew so close that they came up with the brilliant idea to meet up at their favourite in game location in Los Santos. The trip over hundreds of miles, led to an excellent photo of the two both in and out of the game.

Talking to the games developers Rockstar, she describes the way the community changed her life: ‘‘GTA is just a video game but this crew is a family in its own way and I just wanted to make a mushy post to let you all know how grateful I am that I found it, all of you, and my best friend.’

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