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2013 has so far become the year of the console.

With next generation PS4′s and Xbox One’s launching in just under 2 months…alongside a plethora of quirky micro consoles snapping at the heels of the established big boys, ready for the Xmas stockings.

These smaller consoles (competing heavily on price) and using free technology like Android to power, are using crowd funding sites like KickStarter to generate a buzz and an instant fan-base, things seem to be on the up for the Gamer looking for a wider choice in hardware.  (harking back to the days of the Sinclair 64 – do any of you remember that?)

That said the recent controversy surrounding the developer investment match back tracking from OUYA CEO, it seems that the most entrepreneurial tech companies can get it  wrong when it comes to enabling and encouraging developers to support their new platform. Thats why with the news of Sony entering the micro console market with their TV plug in PS VITA, and Apple still yet to announce a Apple TV console…things will continue to be a whirlwind of news and speculation into 2014. Only time will tell who will win out… but what it does mean is that gaming industry has been invigorated by this new wave of console tech.


Valve have announced their Steam Machines ( which has again turned head the home console market upside down – with over 3000 games already available this is going to be a pretty interesting 12 months – welcome to the CONSOLE WARS.


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