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First I'd like to say welcome to my profile :D Hi everyone my name is Jessica, please call me Jess/Jessie. I'm 20 years old and started playing games at the age of 9. I started playing Rayman and Mario on a gameboy at a friend's house. My mum and dad wouldn't let me buy a gameboy because they hated videogames. When I was at my uncle's house, he would let me play on his pc. The first game I ever played was Tomb Raider 3, man I really loved that game. So I never played any videogames at home, till we got a pc. I played some childish and educational games on it, but I didn't enjoy those as much as Tomb Raider and Mario. After a lot of begging and saving money, I could finally buy a NDS lite and I was so frigging happy. Then I slowly saved for other consoles and handhelds as well. I'm a proud owner of a Wii, 3DS, PS2, PS3 and a recently new build PC. My interests are gaming(obviously), playing guitar, listening to music, watching movies/series, playing soccer and sports and last but not least watching youtube videos. Have a nice day guys, peace. Greetz Jessie
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