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My name's Coleby M, and I like Monster Hunter. Also Dark Souls and Pokemon but mainly MH

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(You should all watch and subscribe to TearofGrace, he's a funny guy and he's good at his job. Also, if you're looking to support content of much lower Quality, you can watch my channel, JustNO Gaming! We recently started a customized Bloodborne lets-play featuring Johnny Joestar from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and I think it could actually go somewhere funny, as opposed to...um...previous attempts.) Anyway, If you need a real bio that's right here. Hi there! I'm Coleby ,and I like video games and anime. You know, like a nerd. I play a lot of Videogames, watch a bit of anime, and make room for usual life stuff in between. My end goal for existing is to become a voice actor. Famous? not really. The next Johnny Yong Bosch, Crispin Freeman, or Vic Mignogna? not at all. But it is my dream to make people happy in the same way that videogames, anime, etc. have made me happy! So sharing even a fraction of that with people would honestly complete my life. Anyway, enough sentimental spiel, let's talk about video games! I enjoy mainly Monster Hunter and Bloodborne and have dedicated almost 1000 hours into the former!!! They're good games, though, so that's pretty fair. (I would boast that Monster Hunter's overall content is longer than most "endless content games" like FFXIV and WoW) Now then, look at my collections and join the club of gitting gud
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