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The only thing you need to know about me is that- Damn! I really need a bite to drink!

About TheGuyWithTheHat

I'm at least attempting to keep making YouTube videos. I can't say that I am the most experianced when it comes to games. I haven't played games on any classic consel exept on the Wii's Virtual Consel. Though I am familair with a lot of franchines from those decades. My consel that I have the most nostagia for is the Playstation 2. Now I played a lot of games on that consel. I own Playstaion consels and a Wii, but I'm not one of those scrubs that has to play on the exact consel all the time. I'm aiming to save up for a WiiU just so I can finally play Smash 4. I play mostly action rpgs, first person shooters, sandox games, adventure games, and a lot more if I truly sit down and think about it. So I guess let's try this gamesGRABR thing and see how it goes. I hope to not only get games but to meat people. Because people are cool. Anyways to all I must say, keep on gaming and drinking some ice cold Coke.
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