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Remember the games you used play? Remember the games that you will play.

About TheAngryPeanut

I'm an obsessed collectionist and I need help. My passion for gaming has gone beyond the state of a petty time-consuming fad. Games and gaming are whole my life. I might seem as obsessed for some people, but i'll asshure you that i'm not stupid. I eat food and need money for it. I have people that i love and friends to laugh with. I only have too much free time in wich i consume all too many games. I would love working with games though. That's my lifelong dream. (Youtube maby?) Let me tell you something. I sometimes like to refer to myself as a "gaming facist" minus all the historicaly bad stuff facists have done. What i mean by that is that I prefer my games, or more accuratly speaking, my game franchises to belong to a selected group of consoles. Example: I like my Halos for xbox, Elder schrolls for PC, Zelda for Nintendo consoles and my Metal gear solids for Playstation. All the games in the franchise MUST come with a selected console or console family. (for myself that is, you can play your games however you want Bobo.) Oh, and they have to be physical retail verisions. Question: how would you like, if you have been playing Super Mario your whole life on a Nintendo console and then switch to a Microsoft console? If you would say: "Yea, that would be wierd" then we understand each other. Otherwise... I can respect your opinion but not fully acept it. The point im trying to make is that I feel that way for ALL the games and ALL the franchises. It would be wierd. And that's me. I would love to continue. My favorite console is the original Xbox. I love rock'n roll. I hate my boss but love my job and team instinct rules. Cheerio.
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