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Grew up on the 64 and Gamecube, of course I love nintendo. Although, I got a 360

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for my 16th birthday and now I am in college with a pretty nice desktop so I am using Steam. I love pretty much all types of games not as much into mmorpgs and games that require a lot of grinding (to me it disqualifies it as a good game). Favorites are probably the Smash Bros series, Pikmin series, Skyrim, (wish I had the money to try other but just don't) and lastly probably the Borderlands series. I liked MW2, MW3, ghosts, and advanced warfare for you cod fans, but the black ops were pathetic they changed nothing and to me are highly over rated. Plus people think the weapons are balanced (they actually aren't just more are overpowered than in say AW), anyways now i'm moving away from cod.
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