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Nelson Correa Jr.
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Nelson Correa Jr.

I Do Think VideoGames Do Help People with a lot of things.

About Nelson Correa Jr.

I love Filming, Music, and Most of All, Video Games. Nintendo, PlayStation 1&2, Sega, Ect. Favorite Type of Games are Platformers, RPGs, Action Adventure/Puzzle, and Ry-them/Music (such as RockBand). Favorite Franchise is Zelda, Mario, RockBand, Smash Bros., Halo 1-3, Fire Emblem, Pokemon 1-4 Gen, Sly Cooper, Final Fantasy 1-7, and Way More. Favorite Publishers and Developers are Nintendo, Next Level, Rockstar, Rare (SNES-N64), Naughty Dog, Squer Enix, Ubisoft, and Retro Studios.
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