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http://www.twitch.tv/maiyunbby a 23 year old streamer and graphic and web design student

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Hello there! Welcome to my gamesgrabr page! My name is Maiyun and I am a 23 year old female who loves to play games and is the proud owner of two adorable ferrets. I've been playing games since I was 12 on and off till I turned 15 and got WAY into the gaming scene. I'm a student studying graphic and web design and I hope to focus in on web design later on. I am a livestreamer, playing all kinds of games and interacting with people from my streams. I'm really about making new friends and finding people as passionate about games as I am. I have a small window of things I like but I'm always up to trying new things. I am a big lover of anime as well. I watch all sorts of anime from action to ecchi. I do find myself mostly enjoying ecchi and horror-ish anime's as they seem to always leave the best effects on me but I mainly judge things based on the art style. (i know, i shouldnt...) I love japan in general as well, I've always found the culture so fascinating and am always excited to learn more about it. I've tried learning to read/speak japanese but it has been insanely rough for me. I am a proud owner of 2 adorable ferrets as well named blitz and jinx. They are male and female respectively and I love them as my own children. They're both so vastly different and bring me so many smiles every day~ ^^
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