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FreeLancer Alaska
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FreeLancer Alaska

I love games. Competitive Fights. Destruction. Creation. Fun. Lets Fight some time?

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I am 21 GT: NothingnessKing Top 5 Favorite Games in order : Halo, Pokemon, Battlefield, Smash, and Warfame. I livestream on twitch ! I'm gonna create a community play through here me and the other lancers host custom games for the community us vs the community and we see which of us is better essentially like Bungie's 7 on 7. Favorite Foods: Strawberries, Bananas, and Corrupt Human Souls. Catch Phrase: Sanachi (Meaning depends on how you say it, which is based on your tone anger sanachi = anger, excited sanach = excitement) Halo Clan - UNSC Project FreeLancer Inbox suggestions for videos willing to take opinions and will give shout outs to whoever suggested the opinion(s).
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