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As a student of video game art & design, I look for great audio/visual and story design.

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When choosing games, I look for 5 simple criteria in a game: 1- Visual design: Graphics do matter, but also the feeling and emotions evoked by the environments. 2- Audio design: A game with a boring soundtrack isn't generally worth playing. 3- Story: If I'm not engaged, I'm not interested in playing. Character development, backstory, and hidden lore all factor in. 4- Gameplay: Boring games are boring. No amount of graphics, audio tracks, or storytelling can fix that. 5-Developer engagement: You can tell when the devs truly love the game they made. You can feel it in everything. Details in graphics. Subtle nods in sounds. Rich lore that keeps you digging. Meanwhile, after 3 or 4 games, games like annualized franchises just feel stale, like the devs are just going through the phases because they were told to.
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