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"What is bravery without a dash of recklessness?" - Mistakes are proof of our courage

About BadMoonWolf

Let's start with my nickname "BadMoonWolf" - So, I used to play a browser game called BiteFight and, believe it or not, I actually had a great time playing that and I needed a name for my werewolf character. Well it just so happens that at the time I was really into this vampires and werewolves stuff and there was this movie called "Bad Moon" and since the name was available I just went with it. So I got used to the name and never stopped using it. The way I play is actually really reminiscent to how I actually am in real life. I like to try my best to help people out, I enjoy games that have Co-Op, especially if it's an RPG where I can also answear people's questions about making builds and all that, I just really love to be helpful overall. My favorite game/franchise is probably Dark Souls (or simply the Souls series) I fell in love with Dark Souls 1, got it on Games With Gold (for free on the Xbox 360) and playing it was just an awesome experience!
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