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GFXer, Digital Artist, Girl Gamer (who loves Sun Quan from DW)

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Well I'm Astral from the UK. As you probably know, I love gaming, gfxing and digital drawing. The games i play are mostly hack n slash, rpg's (NOT final fantasy) and adventure. As for who i like...well my profile pretty much speaks for itself? Also half the games I own are not on here! What the ****! If it helps ill list them all here! PS3 Dynasty warriors 6 empires, 7, 7 xtreme legends, 8, 8 xtreme legends, strikeforce Ni no kuni, wrath of the white witch, hyperdimension neptunia, agarest generations of war, sengoku basara samurai warriors, little big planet, resident evil 5, dragons dogma dark arisen, Destiny (Bf's ps3), Minecraft, kingdom hearts 1.5 remix, alice madness returns, soul calibur 5, dead or alive 5 Wii Pokemon battle revolution, samurai warriors 3, soul calibur legends, animal crossing lets go to the city. monster hunter tri 3DS Pokemon x, pokemon alpha sapphire, tekken 3d prime edition, dead or alive dimensions
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