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Likes games lol, music as long as it's enjoyable, musical instruments piano guitar/electric and flute, writing I like creating a world and better yet a universe, drawing gotta know how to make a games looks, sports nope but soccer is k, coding/game creation I'm taking classes nothing to extreme, school gotta learn even if the school system is kinda shit (excuse my language), friends even if I don't have many they still are the best, some teachers I've quite a few that where really relatable and those teachers I especially like, YouTube I find this site to be amazing and to my YouTube friends many I have so I thank each and every one of you, science math and history I'm a bit of a science and history whizz and when it comes to math if I know it I know it, language I currently know one of course English but I'm learning Chinese and I'm really Interested in Japanese German Russian and Greek / roman, technology sci-fi steampunk time travel multiverse and characters from anything as long as I find it appealing ... Dislikes (I have no hate in me) but here's a list of things I don't particularly enjoy stupid and overall mean people and not living as in non-existence / not existing which is not possible to a/some standards
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